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Docker Security Fundamentals Free

Docker Security Fundamentals

This is a course focused on Docker security fundamentals for you to know how to defend your docker daemon, docker images and docker containers. Docker is a trending technology and it's here to stay. Actually applications are safer running inside containers. Get to know what Docker is, why it's trending and how to secure it.

US Docker Security Fundamentals (en)
BR Docker: Fundamentos de Segurança (pt-br)

WordPress Security Free

WordPress Security Fundamentals

This is a free course focused on security fundamentals to get you prepared to either defend your WordPress installation or hack it, ethically, of course. Such fundamentals are a must prior to engage in more advanced courses. Just learning 'tips and tricks' today will get you outdated tomorrow.

US WordPress Security Fundamentals (en)
BR WordPress: Fundamentos de Segurança (pt-br)