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Docker Security Fundamentals


1 hour

Course Description

This is a course focused on Docker security fundamentals for you to know how to defend your docker daemon, docker images and docker containers. Docker is a trending technology and it's here to stay. Actually applications are safer running inside containers. Get to know what Docker is, why it's trending and how to secure it.

In this course you'll learn from what are the best practices to protect images you build or images you download from the internet and how to run them safely. This is just the starting point, but without dobts it's a very important one.

The path to master Docker security starts here, with rock solid fundamentals from Anderson Dadario, a product security engineer with a decade of experience in software development and software security.

What's the ideal audience for this course?

The Docker Security Fundamentals course is focused on security analysts and systems engineers that want to know about the popular technology named Docker and or want to enhance their knowledge regarding Docker security.

Course Requirements

Be familiar with Linux. The Docker installation process isn't covered in the course and in case you want to reproduce all demonstrations, please follow the official documentation to install Docker.

What are you going to get out of this course?

  • Understand what is Docker
  • Understand how Docker works
  • Understand how security can be applied to Docker
  • Understand Docker Daemon protections
  • Understand Docker Image protections
  • Understand Docker Container protections
  • Be ready to dive deep in Docker


Section 1: Course Prologue

  • [Lecture #1] Introduction00:59

Section 2: Docker Overview

  • [Lecture #2] What is Docker?03:32
  • [Lecture #3] How a container is born13:47
  • [Lecture #4] Docker Compose: in case you wanna go beyond01:40
  • [Lecture #5] Docker Security Overview03:00

Section 3: Docker Daemon Security

  • [Lecture #6] Keep Docker up-to-date02:00
  • [Lecture #7] Harden Docker Daemon01:59

Section 4: Docker Image Security

  • [Lecture #8] Don't put sensitive files in your images10:30
  • [Lecture #9] Audit Dockerfiles05:32
  • [Lecture #10] Avoid images without Dockerfile02:55
  • [Lecture #11] Only install images you trust02:08
  • [Lecture #12] Run security scanners on images02:03

Section 5: Docker Container Security

  • [Lecture #13] Don't run containers as root10:45
  • [Lecture #14] Reduce container capabilities03:24
  • [Lecture #15] Limit container usage01:14
  • [Lecture #16] Choose the right network05:42
  • [Lecture #17] Consider using a Container Security Platform03:41
  • [Lecture #18] Additional Protections03:03

Section 6: Course Epilogue

  • [Lecture #19] Acknowledgment01:56