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Wrapping Up 2023


I know, it's December, time to take it slow, but I've launched new stuff anyway:

New Vulnerability Cost Calculator

Vulnerabilities have costs regardless of their impact, so I built a calculator for it.
Try it yourself: https://devops.security/security-vulnerability-cost-calculator.html

New Security Videos

I've recorded some videos for those interested:

Short Retrospective

  • I started this year creating the https://devops.security website to explain the product. It was a pain. Nobody was able to understand it. Threat modeling is also another unknown concept to many. Some people have heard about it, and only 0.1% know what STRIDE is. It's alright, we live, and we learn, adapt, tweak, and evolve. After much trial and error, hopefully it's better now. Let me know ;)
  • After that, I had to understand this whole thing about enterprise sales. It took some months, but it was worth it. If I had to summarize my learnings, I'd say that sales is engineering too. Full of details. And it's very hard. Sales have scripts, anticipate objections, playbooks, etc.
  • 2023 is the year disrupted by ChatGPT. In five years, the automation will be on another level. Remember containers? It took 5 years from hype to mainstream, and it's still going strong. But this time the dimension is much bigger. Even Google is taking a big hit. Kagi, perplexity.ai are betting on replacing Google. Imagine the moment you open a new browser tab, focus on the address bar, and instead of searching on Google, it will send your query as a prompt to ChatGPT or another service? It's coming, get ready. History in the making.

Future Ahead

I continue fully committed to making the best threat modeling platform.

Expect unique features and announcements in 2024. Working at full speed, even today.

Wrapping Up

That said, I'm glad you've been following the posts, and I wish you a great new year.

If I had to give one piece of advice, it's to stop delaying hard decisions. Do it and do it with nerves of steel. Fully committed. Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.

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