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The Waves of Security Leaks

It's curious how security leaks have been evolving throughout the years. First it all started without security at all. Many applications, sites and programs were developed with tons of security bugs. Then many attacks took place until we started seeing dumps of databases on the internet.

It seems that 2005 was the year that drove a major attention to the topic. In 2005 there were at least 136 breaches. After that more breaches appeared and some of them were so huge that a new term was coined: mega breaches.

The momentum drove websites like have i been pwned? to be created due to the need to check whether your data has been leaked or not.

Despite this already big wave of leaks, a 2nd wave of government documents begun with whistleblowers. The main character behind such leaks was Edward Snowden. He was seen as either a hero or a traitor of his country. Many important revelations came to light when it comes to government abusing its power to spy on its citizen and in other countries as well.

Soon after came the 3rd wave: industrial secrets. Companies like Sony Pictures and Hacking Team have been compromised and all their emails and files were published on the internet.

Today we're facing a 4th wave: cyberweapons.

It's probably the worst of all. As many vulnerabilities aren't fixed even when there are so many news and articles popping up, giving cyberweapons for an extremely poor open source community (when it comes to security projects, IMHO) it's a big deal. Now script kiddies and skilled attackers can make of use of CIA leaked tools or NSA leaked tools [1][2].

Now I start to wonder what's coming next.

Are the next waves going to be within the categories of waves listed above or are they going to be from a new kind? That's a good question I'd like to know.

Thank you.

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