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Selfie Password Concerns

MasterCard started an unprecedented program to make online purchases more secure by using a mere selfie as a password. Few months later, Amazon is looking forward to do that as well. It seems that this idea won't take long to become a trend after being adopted by giants, thus I spared some time to discuss the good, bad and ugly sides of it. The good and bad may be easy to guess, but you may not be aware how ugly it can turns to.



Ugly (hint: it's all about Privacy)


Biometrics lead the world to convenience, which usually is a conflicting topic when they meet security, but it seems that they are here to stay. Starting with iPhone's fingerprinting and now selfies (although I know, there are many attacks out there regarding the fingerprinting already. Chaos Computer Club has proven that to the world).

Selfies are a very good step to increase the security to masses, but relying solely on them would be reckless given the arguments above. Using it as a one more step would be good, although the privacy concerns shouldn't be overlooked. Users must know what is going under the hood before using it. Companies shouldn't hide what will happen to the user data solely on the privacy terms. It isn't a good way to educate. Let's see what comes next.

That's it for today, thank you for reading.

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