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Reengineered blog in english, FTW!

Blog Update

As you may have notice, this blog was reengineered! The reason for that is because I was tired of posting through the VPN, export static pages and fix ReallyStatic plugin bugs. So, I needed to figure out a better way to export static pages and I turned back to Jekyll.

I relucted to use Jekyll because there is no web interface as Wordpress. Actually there is no decent static site generator that has a web interface, even wordpress plugins for that are limited, or at least was when I checked.

The transition was smoothly, except for importing all previous posts manually and changing them to the markdown format. Markdown is cool and Jekyll seems to be very good so far. There are few templates for Jekyll in comparison to Wordpress, but it's ok for me.

For deploy, I'm using a script that collects all static pages and upload them to Amazon S3. So I write using my text or markdown editor, then run a command to update the website. Very better than VPN. VPN is good, but its experience usually is terrible.

English FTW

So many things to share! I've been working on Gauntlet.io and FindMyNinja.io since I left Walmart and they are almost 100% functionally complete. Soon I'll let you all know.

Besides these projects, I've engaged more in the startup scene and learned a lot. I will share what I learned through the next posts. So, this blog will be about my passions: startups, information security and software engineering. More subjects may come in the future, but one step at a time, right? :D

Glad to be back.

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