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It's 2100

Ideas that may sounds crazy today, but which will likely become true after decades.

Human Experience Marketplace
You're afraid of height. But you really would like to know how delightful it would be fly using a wingsuit. This experience must include everything: feel the wind, feel how soft your body will be, etc. Then you just think that you want to access https://human-experience.marketplace and your brain gadget projects it on your wall and you can choose which experience you want to buy. You select wingsuit and wait until someone be available. After few minutes someone who wants to fly using his wingsuit announces that wants to sell his experience along with real time images. He starts broadcasting for you and for whom are interested, then he flies. After you experience flying using a wingsuit without leaving your house, you also choose to store such experience for offline usage.

Getting a Driver License
You go to the practical test to get your driver license. You're asked to sit in a chair and put some weird helmet on your head. The helmet stimulates your brain to run traffic simulations and analyzes its responses, which are how you would actually drive a car in real life. After that you get your results instantly and all requests from the helmet and responses from your brain are stored in the government database along with your approval / denial attestation.

Real time death announcement
You ran out of time, you're dead. Your smartwatch, which knows you by your biological patterns, detects the cold temperature of your body and your blood pressure to attest your death to an API using its built in tls certificate, which notifies the stakeholders and delegates access of all your accounts to your husband/wife.

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