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Introducing Costa Scanner

Last Friday, April 21st, an OWASP Latam Tour event began in San José, Costa Rica, where I had the pleasure of speaking. This was my first keynote, and I spoke about security automation. The slides are available here.

In this talk, I introduced Costa Scanner, an open-source security scanner that you can use from Day 0 in your company to chain together:

  • Network Asset Discovery (discover active servers within given network ranges)
  • Security Scans (using one or many tools - but it includes only Nmap so far)
  • Reporting (by email, webhook, or saving to a file)

It's of course embryonic, but you're always welcome to contribute instead of expecting that someone else will do it.

In regard to Costa Rica, I really liked it. The conference was full and many people were interested in security. The city itself is very similar to São Paulo (Brazil), but less crowded. The temperature and prices are similar, and people are also diverse in terms of their origins. Michael Hidalgo (chapter leader) offered the best possible hospitality. I'm very thankful. It would be nice to return someday :)

Thank you.

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