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I'm back: here's what happened

Six years ago, I stopped blogging to reorganize my life in Switzerland.

Now I'm back to blogging.

I came to Switzerland to work with security research and blockchain consultancy. Then the department got reorganized, and I found myself working as a blockchain and Java developer. I had to write an IAM from scratch. Later, I worked with DLP and SSO using Keycloak. Lastly, I was working with IAM and WAFs for banks. All in different departments within the same company.

In the end, I decided to start a company again (kakugo.ch) and focus on security products. It's what I truly enjoy, to envision a better future and bring it to the present.

I created the company before having an idea to work on, knowing I would find it along the way. Later, it came to me in the form of devops.security. I discovered this after reflecting on my Ikigai.

The challenge is that selling B2B products, in general, is quite slow. The solution I chose was to start doing consultancy work on threat modeling and focus on finding companies looking to start or scale their threat modeling programs. This startup is my toughest challenge so far, but incredibly exciting.

Business aside, I've been publishing some texts here and there on Linkedin. Additionally, I created a newsletter to document my journey of starting a business in CH.

With so much text around, I've realized how much I enjoy writing. Now that I have more time for it, I'm reigniting the blog with a monthly post.

On my next post I will detail how I built checklist.devops.security, a security checklist generator using GPT-4. Some interesting points I will cover:

  • how I handled prompt injection attacks for this app
  • is GPT-4 good enough for generating security checklists?
  • the role of appsec in generative apps

Let's see how it goes ;)

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