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"How I Hacked.info" just released

I was about to make a blog post about some hacking posts that I've been collecting. I would comment some of them and list them here, but I thought that I could do better, so I came up with http://howihacked.info.

"How I Hacked" is a website that centralizes real hacking stories and make them easily searchable by tags such as XSS, CSRF, RCE, etc, and store them in JSON format for further research. I believe that this will help penetration testers, researchers, students and application defenders as this initiative is about sharing the knowledge.

You are welcome to contribute too. Instructions are listed on the website, but basically you can fill out a web form or make a pull request to submit a new story. The data and source code are open source, released under MIT license.

I hope you enjoy! Feedbacks are welcome.

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